Construction has commenced on the re-configuration and completion of the northern section of the partly completed building at Bellfield College.

Work will be carried out on four levels to include:

  • Conversion of basement to a light filled lower ground floor
  • Completion and expansion of Resource Centre and undercroft on the Ground Floor
  • Provision of Specialist Learning Facilities and Multipurpose space on the First Floor
  • Roof top recreation area on the Second floor

One of the most exciting developments is the transformation of the present basement into an open area with 11 classrooms. All rooms will be flooded with natural light by the provision of 5 large open courtyards within the space that will transform it to give the feeling of an extension of the ground floor but at a lower level as opposed to a “basement”.

Activity at the moment is not visible at the surface as all work is concentrated on structural alterations to enable the courtyards to be constructed. The image below gives a view of one of the courtyards and emphasises how the lower level and ground level are now part of the same space.

GLA4 redndering.jpg

32 600 739 660
600 739 660
L1 695-699 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
+61 412 268 417
Nominated Architect
Charles Glanville
Registration No: 3130


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